I had been in this business for over 30 years.
I had problems with my fingers and wrist from reaching
around the 2”tube of the wand to hit the trigger and repetitive
motion with a cocked wrist and stooping. The big problem
was I had Trigger Finger on most all of my fingers. My fingers
would lock up and they had to be pulled back open with my
other hand as they would pop open. Not fun!
That started my quest to find a solution . I needed a much
better way to use a cleaning wand that wasn’t so hard on my
body. I tried those Gun type valves looking for some kind of
relief. To my disappointment I found that they put all the
weight of the wand right onto the web of skin between my
thumb and forefinger. This caused even more hand pain.  So,
after using gun valves my fingers still had problems and now
my thumb did too.
After all that in vain I knew I would be up to me to find my own
solution.  Because there was no help available on the market.
It took a cleaner to find a cure.
#1 Cure was to fix that nub on gun valves that happens with
every top mounted valve on the market. It puts all that weight
into the web of your hand..   My solution was to design a
bracket with a pad that moves the hand. This distributes the
weight into a much broader area that causes no pain. It also
has the pad made of Sorbothane  which is used my Olympic
athlete because of it’s unmatched shock absorbing abilities.
#2 The other problem with top mounted wands was that they
were at the wrong angle. The most ergonomic  angle I found
is what I call the “Saw the wood” angle. To solve that problem
I designed a way to change the angle on the fly to your
desired cleaning angle. ( An other industry first) You can
choose from 90 degrees to 180 and every angle in between.
Some of the other benefit of a top mounted valve  (besides
not having to reach around the tube) is that your freedom of
movement is significantly increased . Your stroke will be 30%
longer, Your cleaning will be more productive and  you won’t
have to stoop.  I could say much more. But I’ll save it for later.
But I would like to hear more from you guys and I’m here to
answer any questions.
Dave Yoakum

Our Story
Hi I'm Dave Yoakum the creator of
Wand- eeze the ergonomic wand retrofit kit.
Here is an introduction to how this product
came about. I have been in this business
for a 30 years.

Using a conventional wand led to
chronic issues with My body.
So, then I used those other "
Ergo" wands to find that they
only made things worse.
That why I made this wand kit
that you too can benefit from.